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    Shared Services &

    Group Purchasing Option

    The Kentucky Primary Care Association offers membership an opportunity to achieve some real savings on behalf of their patients and clinics. Any member organization wishing to participate in the KPCA GPO must complete the KPCA GPO agreement and send back to the Association office. Members, log in to your KPCA MemberZone account to view the GPO Participation Agreement.

    Through the Group Purchasing Option and other shared services offered within the Kentucky Primary Care Association, there is an opportunity for members to achieve some cost savings and to pass those savings on to their patients. Through the shared savings the Association may collect a small fee on your behalf, which benefits all members. Please check back to this page frequently as we add more more benefits!

    Should you have any questions or ideas to add, please contact Lindey Young or Rachael FitzGerald at 502-227-4379

    New members or those wishing to become new members, please contact Lindey Young.



    Kentucky Primary Care Association

    Health & Benefits Trust

    The Kentucky Primary Care Association is able to provide member employers with access to a comprehensive benefits plan, through the Association. The Association is able to offer a range of health insurance plans through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Delta Dental, with options on vision and hearing benefits. Participants may access cafeteria style plans for disability, life insurance, etc. The Member Clinic will work with the insurance broker designated to the Trust to best decide the organization's benefits for employees. The Trust has the potential to offer employer members access to quality benefits for employees at more affordable pricing.

    KPCA works with two insurance agencies, VanMeter/Houchens or the BIM Group, to guide members in assessing the rates, enrolling, followed by the attention and services needed to keep you and your employees happy.

    Administrative services of the Association Health & Benefits Trust are handled through ASG- UMR, Lexington, who have over 40 years of experience administering Association and Trust business. The Trust is governed by the Board of the Association with a member employer committee.

    Please contact Rachael FitzGerald for more information. rfitzgerald@kypca.net or call 859-319-7712

    Contact Information to get quotes

    Items to Consider when reviewing health insurance plans

    To enable the agents to retrieve a competitive quote for your clinic, you must sign a note that makes them an Agent of Review (AOR). This does not mean the clinic is bound to that agent, it is just for that quote you are recognizing the Association agent and the line of potential business. The AOR is not a long binding contract unless you decide to accept the rates determined for your employees. This is Anthem's rule.

    Also, remember that while the health insurance might not be the cheapest, maybe the clinic can find savings in the other benefit offerings, such as the disability plans. Not only does the Association wish to help member employers to save money and provide quality benefits, but also to enable members in their efforts to recruit and retain quality staff.

    University of Kentucky Medical Professions Placement Service

    UK Medical Professions Placement Service is available to KPCA Licensed and Organizational Members.

    The Medical Professions Placement Service is available to help Clinics and Clinical Professionals transition into a professional practice as smooth as possible.

    Service to Health Care Organizations

    The MPPS was established in 1990 as a contingency placement firm. The goal was, and remains, to attract health professionals to live and work in the Commonwealth. In November 2008 UK replaced this model and introduced the Kentucky Medical Opportunities Website (KMOW), the most comprehensive listing of practice opportunities in Kentucky.

    The Kentucky Medical Opportunities Website gives Kentucky Primary Care Association Members across the Commonwealth an affordable means to promote their health professions opportunities.

    Service to Health Practitioners

    Practitioners interested in relocating to Kentucky should search KMOW to find the many opportunities that await them. This is a free service to practitioners and will help you explore Kentucky jobs and the attractive lifestyles our communities provide.

    Service to UK Residents & Fellows

    Services are free to UK residents and fellows. The MPPS can assist you throughout your job search by providing information on compensation and benefits, recruitment trends, loan repayment and scholarship opportunities.

    The Kentucky Medical Opportunity Website is frequently updated. Be the first to know about prime opportunities. The video below shows members how to post provider openings on the KMPPS website or how to edit current postings. Please remember to update your postings. 

    Place your advertisement for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, PAs, etc. To set your search in motion please contact Hannah.Kaltenbach@uky.edu or call 859-218-5599

    Provider Recruitment






    Fidelis Partners is a full service healthcare recruitment and consulting firm specializing in permanent placement services.

    Members, please log in to your KPCA account to view the Fidelis Partners Agreement for Use.

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    Goldfish Medical Staffing is a nationally recognized recruiting organization specializing in meeting the full range of needs for today’s physicians, medical staff, in- house recruiters or anyone in the healthcare industry needing assistance with physician recruiting and retention. Whether your needs are sporadic (locum tenens) or permanent, we understand the value of your time. Goldfish Medical Staffing will take on the important but very time consuming tasks of procuring the right “fit” for everyone. We will work together to understand your opportunity and your needs, presenting only what makes sense.

    Members, please log in to your KPCA account to view the Goldfish Medical Agreement for use.

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    Members, please log in to your KPCA account to view the Jackson Physician Search Agreement for use.

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    Reference Laboratory Services




    With a mission to improve health and improve lives, LabCorp delivers world-class diagnostic solutions and uses technology to provide better care. LabCorp offers practice connectivity and robust patient outcomes and data solutions to support value-based care. Convenient access to patient specimen collection is supported by LabCorb's network of more than 1,700 patient service centers for convenient access to specimen collection. For more information about LabCorp, visit www.LabCorp.com

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    Quest Diagnostics offers:

    • More than 3,400 diagnostic tests, including complex clinical workups
    • Comprehensive genetic and molecular testing services
    • Prescription Drug Monitoring services to help you track and monitor treatment of chronic pain patients, support clinical decisions, and help prevent abuse or diversion
    • Customized Fee Schedule for members
    • Connectivity Solutions to fit practice needs
    • Extensive Managed Care Plan Coverage

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    Value in Purchasing Program (ViP)





    This is available to all KPCA members. Purchasing through ViP offers members access to a purchasing power for many businesses not limited to medical supplies and equipment, but also telecommunications, technology, office supplies and equipment.

    Key Features

    • Savings on Average of 18%-38%
    • No Membership Fees
    • No Contractual Obligation
    • Streamline Ordering
    • User Friendly Features
    • Ease of Use and Implementation

    ‚ÄčProducts and Services

    Including, but not limited to:

    • Medical Supplies
    • Office Supplies
    • Printing/Promotional Services
    • Telecommunication Support and Services
    • Capital Equipment
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Eco-Friendly and Green Products

    This service is open to all KPCA members regardless of licensure type.

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    Henry Schein provides distribution in all dental products and equipment. 

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    McKesson Medical-Surgical is pleased to continue our support of Community Health Centers. We’re committed to helping CHCs deliver on the triple-aim by providing more than 275,000 products you need, when you need them. We offer tools that help you manage costs and enhance patient care – all while providing insights and expertise to guide you through the changing world of healthcare. We deliver the right products and the right solutions to address today’s challenges, while preparing you for tomorrow’s.

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    Medline Industries, Inc. is very proud to announce our new relationship as an authorized distributor for Community Health Venture’s ViP (Value in Purchasing) program, which has also been approved by KYPCA to provide a “direct from the manufacturer” purchasing option for many of your medical and laboratory supplies:

    • Medline is the leading medical supply distributor in the Bluegrass State, proudly serving as prime vendor for all facets of health car       
    • Medline serves Kentucky quickly and accurately from our centrally-located 400,000 square-foot distribution center in Shepherdsville, just south of Louisville.  Most KPCA members can expect next day service on a regular and consistent basis     
    • To see of listing of our products and services, visit us at Medline.com/Physician

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    • Discount of 24% on monthly service for KPCA members' personal cellular voice and data plans.
    • Discount of 24% on monthly service for corporate cellular voice and data plans.
    • Employee family members are eligible for discounts when included on employee plan

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    Pacific Interpreters provides your clinic with access to a language line to provide your patient with translation services in almost any language.

    Pricing is based on monthly minute usage. To use this service, please contact the Association office for a copy of an agreement with Pacific Interpreters, and instructions on how to use the service.

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  • For more information on these programs please contact the KPCA offices at 502-227-4379