• Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

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    Job Description
    Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practitioner Registered Nurse (PMHNP) focuses clinical practice on persons with diagnosed psychiatric disorders or those individuals or populations at risk of mental health disorders. The PMHNP applies knowledge, skills and experience autonomously to complex psychiatric mental health problems and the promotion of mental health. The PMHNP functions as a Psychotherapist and may prescribe medications under the supervision of a Physician.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    1.    Carry out health promotion activities including general health teaching.
    2.    Design and conduct mental illness preventative interventions.
    3.    Conduct client health screenings and evaluations.
    4.    Elicit a history fitting to each client, presentations and setting.
    5.    Complete a comprehensive health assessment for each client.
    6.    Formulate differential diagnoses based on clinical findings.
    7.    Order and interpret pertinent laboratory and diagnostic studies and procedures.
    8.    Formulate, implement and evaluate an outcome based treatment plan for each client.
    9.    Conduct individual, family or group psychotherapy using all generally accepted methods for brief or long term therapy.
    10. Refer mental health patients for home health services, as appropriate.
    11. Prescribe, monitor, administer, manage and evaluate psychopharmacological and related medications.
    12.  Seek specific therapeutic responses, anticipate side effects, safeguard against adverse drug interactions and be alert for unintended toxic responses.
    13.  Provide psychiatric consultation in community and general health settings with attention to culturally, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, developmental and environmental factors that foster health and prevent mental illness.
    14.  Advocate for services needed by clients by analyzing barriers to care and identifying needed system improvements and collaborating with other providers to assure case management geared toward promoting the health of clients.
    15.       Act as an educational resource in the agency and in the community.

    Education and/or Experience
    1.    Master’s Degree in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree
    2.    Licensed in the State of Kentucky as an APRN
    3.    Certification as a PMHNP
    4.    DEA Registration
    5.    Must maintain current BLS or ACLS

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