• Past Events

  • 2017 KPCA Fall Conference

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      Joan Alker and Dustin Pugel speaking on A Deeper Dive into Indiana's HIP 2.0 Evalution: Applying lessons learned to KY Health.
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      Joan Alker as the Keynote Lunch Speaker on Wednesday, speaking on The Implications of the 1115 Mediciad Waiver in Kentucky.
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      Whitney Allen and an organizer from Kentucky Voices for Health.
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      Anne Peak from Shawnee Christian sharing her wisdom on Best Practices for Achieving Advocacy Center of Excellence.
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      KPCA's Whitney Allen introducing a speaker at the Fall Conference.
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      Dave Chandrasekaran sharing his presentation on The Right Fit: Helping Consumers Navigate the Plan Selection Process.
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      Exhibitors mingling with KPCA Fall Conference attendees.
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      One of the KPCA Exhibitor "BINGO" card winners!
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      One of the KPCA Exhibitor "BINGO" card winners!
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      An over head look of just some of the 40 exhibitor table at the conference.
  • 2017 Policy & Issues Forum - Washington, D.C.

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      Chris Keyser, CEO, Fairview Family Health Center presenting Congressman Brett Guthrie with a 'Distinguished Community Health Advocate Award'. March 30, 2017
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      Chris presenting the Award to Congressman Guthrie! Dr. Steve Wrightson, CEO/CMO Bluegrass Community Health Center (left) and Ann Hagan, CEO, Park DuValle Community Health Center beside Dr. Wrightson.
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      Bill Wagner, CEO, Family Health Centers, Louisville with Congressman John Yarmuth. Mr. Wagner presented Congressman Yarmuth with a 'Distinguished Community Health Advocate Award'.
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      Ann Hagan, CEO, Park DuValle Community Health Center; Bill Wagner, CEO, Family Health Centers; Congressman John Yarmuth; (hidden) Phyllis Platt, CEO, Shawnee Christian Health Care Center
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      Mr. Mike Caudill, CEO, Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation presenting a 'Distinguished Community Health Champion' Award to Alex Pinson, health spokesperson for Congressman Harold Rogers. Accompanying Mike Caudill is Mike Stanley, CEO, Grace Community Health Center; Chad Stevens, CFO, Grace Community Health Center; Mel Scarberry, Chair Grace Community Health Center. Also accompanying Mike Caudill, Stephanie Moore, CEO, White House Clinics, McKee; Karen Ditsch, CEO, Juniper Health, Inc., Beattyville; Dr. Van Breeding, CMO, Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation, Inc.
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      2017 NACHC Policy & Issues Forum in Washington, D.C.
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      2017 NACHC Policy & Issues Forum in Washington, D.C.
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      Dr. Eric Loy, CEO/CMO, Cumberland Family Health Center, inducted into the NACHC 2017 Grassroots Advocacy Hall Of Fame.
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      Bill Wagner, CEO; Muriel Harris, PhD., Board Chair; Danny DuBosque, COO; Melissa Mather, Director of Communications, March 30, 2017
  • Overall, Kentucky 's Community Health Centers were well received by most of our Congressional delegates. Many gave valuable time to hear the group presentation for consideration when it comes to renewing the Health Center Program; Community Health Centers face a fiscal cliff this September if Congress does not come to some budgetary resolution. 55 members from 15 organizations statewide represented the 24 Community Health Centers in Kentucky, and about 430,000 patients served by Health Centers.


  • 2015 KPCA Fall Conference

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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference
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      2015 Fall Conference